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  1. 私は中心的な要素として百合を持っている漫画のシリーズを作ってるんだ!私は日本に行くとき、私はイラストで私を助けるために漫画家を満たすつもりだ!もしあなたが望むなら、それを行うことができます!私が疑うけれども私達が会うでしょう。とにかく、私はまだ私の文字は、設定やキャラクターのプロフィールを開発しています!2メインの女性主人公は、お互いの愛に深くです!とだけスポイラー厥あなたが得る! ^ – ^

  2. こんばんは!つぼみを読んで、すっかり玄鉄絢さんの虜となった兎子です*´⊿`*画風大好き♥


  3. ありがとうございます。

  4. Hey! I’m American, and have no idea what other people say on here. But just want to contribute to the complements. Kurogane your mangas are freaking awesome and just saying that you are definitely my favorite manga author. And lots of my friends agree with me over here too :). And I also want to say thank you for all of your awesome hard work! XD

  5. I’m glad you like my books.
    Please give my regards to your friend.
    Thanks again.
    Kenn Kurogane

  6. hi, I’m from China.
    I like your yuri manga very much.
    shoujo sect and hoshikawa ginza 4 are my favorite yuri mangas.
    the adapted anime of shoujo sect is also very nice, and warm.
    I have been your fan for a long time, also have read some of those one shot manga stories you write.
    what about the “Konohana Link”? I remember it went on the Yuri Hime S. Is it finished, or have you stopped it?

    I can read but little Japanese, and you may not understand me if I write Chinese, so have to use English instead.
    In short, I enjoy the warming style of your manga which is what brings life and feeling to the story. and thank you very much for your work and I look forward to more of them by you.
    Hope everything be fine with you!!

  7. Hi,wellome.
    >what about the “Konohana Link”? I remember it went on the Yuri Hime S. Is it finished, or have you stopped it?
    It is currently suspended.(but for now, there are no plans to resume. sorry.)
    Please enjoy the future work.
    Thank you for your kindness.
    See you!